Ultrasonic Gas and Water Metering Module

Speed up meter design by using iESLab modules based on ams ultrasonic frontend ICs.

Ultrasonic Gas and Water Meter

No movable parts, long life-time,long battery life - more than 10 years. Support for multiple interfaces (M-Bus, RS-485, Infrared, Short range wireless and NB-IoT).

Automatic Ultrasonic Gas and Water Test Bench

Both of the highly-automated test bench are wide rage、fast、accurate and stable.

EUW 2018

Meet the iESLab's experts for EUW
Based on ams’ ultrasonic flow converters, the “Ultrasonic Water and Gas metering Module”Officially launched today. We hereby sincerely invite you and your esteemed team to join our product release at EUW (European Utility Week) 2018, the fully-calibrated ultrasonic water and gas metering module products, which may help you to establish ultrasonic flow metering capability very quickly.


About iESLab

    Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd (Qingdao iESLab), established in 2001, a subsidiary of Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. (stock code 002339) who is a leading total solution supplier of smart municipal works.
    Qingdao iESLab have a long-term strategy partnership with ams which is an “Ultrasonic Flow Converters” provider , Qingdao iESLab have set up an ultrasonic laboratory with ams in Germany, and developed the full set of self-developed Ultrasonic Meter technology ,Ultrasonic Metering Module and Production Line.