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     Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd. (stock code: 872230), established in Nov. 2001, a holding subsidiary of Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002339). The company mainly engaged in the development, production, system integration and technical services of smart gas, smart water service, smart heating and energy management center systems. Independent and integrated innovation has always been the development direction for the company.

     Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd. is a headquarter-based enterprise in Qingdao .It has several branches: Shandong iESLab Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Hanwei Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd., Shandong Towngas iESLab Energy Service Co., Ltd., etc.

   The company owns multiple patented technologies and independent innovation technologies; it has obtained 40 patents, including 38 utility models and 2invention patent and100 software copyrights. 

      The company participated in the formulation and revision of many smart meter standards in China, and in the development of China's smart meters. It has rich experience in the development application and management for smart gas, smart water service.

     The company focuses on business model innovation, constantly creates new products and services, takes customers' needs as the starting point, and fundamentally creates value for customers. Its complete five business forms covering technology, products, systems, services and operations, and is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the field of automation, information system and energy conservation management of urban public utilities in China.

Development path

  • In 2001

    In Nov. 2001, Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd. was established.

  • In 2002, successfully developed the first direct-reading electronic remote-transmission dry water meter and direct-reading diaphragm gas meter in China.

    In 2002

  • In 2005

    In 2005, obtained the “Direct Reading Automatic Meter Reading System Manufacturing Measuring Instrument License”

  • In 2006, the “Urban Public Utility Control Center System Software” was rated as the “2016 Qingdao Outstanding Software Product”

    In 2006

  • In 2008

    In 2008, the company was awarded as the “2008 Outstanding Contribution Unit” by the China Real Estate and Housing Research Committee.

  • In May 2010, Shandong Sanchuan iESLab Technology Co., Ltd. was established as a joint-venture with Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd.

    In 2010

  • In 2012

    1.In 2012, Undertook the construction of the “Intelligent Gas System Application Platform”by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development . 2.Undertook the construction of the "Ten Thousand Enterprises Energy Utilization Reporting System" by National Development and Reform Commission. 3.The project “Development and Application of Key Technologies for Building and Park Energy Conservation Monitoring System” won the Second Class Prize for Shandong progress prize in scientific. 4.Acquired Zibo Dongruan Baihe Software Development Co., Ltd..

  • 1.Join hands with Baidu and built the “Smart Energy Public Service Cloud Platform”. 2.Won the title of “2012 National Informatization and Industrialization Deep Integration Demonstration Enterprise” 3.Won the title of“2012 Outstanding Contribution Unit to the Economic Development in Shinan District” 4.Obtained the “Software Enterprise Certification”

    In 2013

  • In 2014

    1.Established Shandong iESLab Instrument Co., Ltd. (need to check the specific time). 2.Undertook the 2014 Science and Technology Project “Integrated Information Management System for Urban Water Supply and Drainage”.

  • 1.In Apr. 2015, Zhengzhou Hanwei Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. was established as a joint-venture with Henan Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation. 2.In Nov. 2015, Shandong Towngas iESLab Energy Service Co., Ltd. was established as a joint- venture with Jinan Towngas Gas Co., Ltd. 3.Participated in drafting the Industry Standard of "Residential Remote Meter Reading System" . 4.Obtained the Second Level qualification of "Information System Integration and Service".

    In 2015

  • In 2016

    1.Obtained the Second Level qualification of “Information System Security Integration Service” 2.Won the title of “Qingdao High growth Software Enterprise”

  • 1.Won the title of “high-tech Enterprise”. 2.Obtained the "Measurement Management System Certification". 3.The company signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Provincial Metrology Institute and Austria AMS AG. 4.The company listed in the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations).

    In 2017

  • In 2018

    1."iES-E1000G Gas Production Operation System Software V1.0" was selected as "Excellent Software Product of 2017" 2.Won the title of "Qingdao Excellent Software Enterprise of 2017". 3.The "Ultrasound Flow Instrument Engineering Research Center" was identified as the Qingdao Engineering Research Center. 4.Rated as an outstanding unit of China's scientific and technological innovation achievements, and national AAA class enterprise of quality, service and credit. 5.Obtained "China Petroleum Health and Safety Environmental Management System Certification". 6.Became a senior member of China Mobile IOT Alliance.

  • 1.Selected as the Fourth High growth Software Enterprise in Qingdao. 2.Obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" 3.Obtained the Radio Type Approval Certificate for NB IOT products. 4.AMS launched the IA-UWM-2-GP30-DN20 ultrasonic flow sensing module jointly. 5.launched by iESLab & AMS.

    In 2019

Office environment

Smart factory

  Qingdao iESLab not only focuses on innovation of technology and product, but also pays close attention to the matching of products with production capacity & lines. It continuously implements the high investment policy for capacity automation and information construction, establishes smart factories, realizes the deployment and operation of large-scale process transformation and MES system, using IOT and information technology to effectively improve production efficiency, reduce product costs, realize two-way trace ability of product quality Information and strive to become China's ultrasonic measuring instrument industry leader. The adoption of 7S standard for on-site management ensures orderly and efficient production, and stable &reliable product quality." Lean production, flexible manufacturing" standard has been strictly and thoroughly implemented on production layout, workshop environment, inventory management, procurement planning, production process and flow operation in the factory.


  • GBP-4 bell-type gas meter error verification device

    GBP-4 bell-type gas meter error verification device

  • GNP-12 sonic nozzle gas meter error verification device

    GNP-12 sonic nozzle gas meter error verification device

  • Sealing test of gas meter

    Sealing test of gas meter

  • Four-axis automatic welding robot

    Four-axis automatic welding robot

  • Programming, sub-board machine process

    Programming, sub-board machine process

  • SMT production line

    SMT production line

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