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Overall customer service solution

Overall customer service solution: Convenience and benefit for the customer, improve quality and efficiency, and give consideration to the future......

    Overall customer service solution: Convenience and benefit for the customer, improve quality and efficiency, and give consideration to the future. With the concept of "big customer service" as the dominant idea, it realizes unified customer service, unified customer information management, unified charge management and unified water meter management, and makes possible to share information efficiently and cooperate between departments and customers. Implementing the "Internet + water business", a modern customer relationship service model, improves customer service level, and helps optimize the regional business environment.

Operation charging subsystem

    The charging subsystem realizes the unified file, charge, check and report for all customers and all kinds of water meters, and integrates meter reading, charge, accounting and other businesses into a unified management platform. Adopting the "Trinity" platform operation model, cloud service + desktop + app, the charging subsystem change the charging business from "customer running errand" to "data running errand".

Water meter business management subsystem

    Driven by the process, the subsystem is linkage with registration and installation system, meter reading, charging, calling order and other system in real-time. The two-dimensional code of water meter, as the information transmission carrier, is used to realize the water meter management including storage, installation, location navigation, data collection, online operation, fault replacement and retirement.

Registration and installation subsystem

    Using the defined workflow platform, the subsystem integrates tedious registration and installation business into a standard workflow, which makes the whole registration and installation process visible and controllable, including multi-channel business accepted of registration and installation, multi-department business collaboration, multi-form query of registration and installation, and diversified statistical report analysis.

Call order subsystem

    The subsystem provides "one-stop" service for customers, that is to say, the customer service work of each functional department is centralized in a unified "window" which is responsible for external contact, and all problems can be solved by one call and one work order.

Intelligent meter reading subsystem

    The subsystem has many functions, including unified data collection, hierarchical display, abnormal alarm, intelligent statistical analysis and others. It supports remote valve control and prepayment, supports remote price adjustment and the step water price, supports various communication protocols ( such as wired, wireless, GPRS, Nb IOT, etc.), and supports manual meter reading, mobile app meter reading and remote automatic meter reading.

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