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Jinan Water Group Marketing Management System
Author: Source: Read Frequency:1934 Release Time:2019-10-19

1. Basic situation of the project

Jinan Water Group is a national large-scale water supply enterprise, which undertakes water supply services in the main urban area, the eastern area and the western area, guarantees the urban development of Jinan and the safety of residents' living water, and builds a modern international enterprise for the construction of “Daqiangmeifutong” in Jinan City. The city contributes.

Construction Group's marketing management and control system, comprehensively promote the smart marketing management system to serve the strategic goals of Jinan Water Group, and promote the further improvement of the water supply business environment.

2. Platform implementation content

The project takes Jinan Water Group's existing “Smart Marketing Management Platform” as the core, advanced information technology as the means, advanced industry management experience as the benchmark, and aims to improve performance and decision-making level, and build and improve the marketing system of Jinan Water Group. The management and control platform will further enhance the management and control capabilities of Jinan Water Group for the overall marketing operation of the group company, strengthen the core management advantages of the group company, and realize the agile, intelligent and visualized decision-making process and results.

3. System platform features

The system is a platform-based architecture. The construction of the platform can promote the integration of future homogeneous services, rationalize and standardize the internal business management processes of the enterprise, establish an information sharing mechanism on the same platform, and ensure customer marketing information and KPI management indicators within the group. The smooth, transparent and consistent, the interconnection, interaction and collaborative work of each subsidiary and marketing management further enhance the integrated marketing control and efficiency of the Water Group.

4. Live picture

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