Automatic Ultrasonic Water Meter Test Bench

Product introduction:

Automatic Ultrasonic Water Meter Test Bench are fully-automatic、wide rage、 fast、 accurate and stable

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Product introduction

     PUC-W-1612 is designed for characterization and calibration of ultrasonic water flow measuring instruments based on piston flow reference device with significantly improve development testing precision, Mass Production (MP) efficiency and metrological verification standard. With different specifications of the hydraulic cylinder, allowing the test bench to be wide flow range, high flow accuracy, better small flow performance, and automatic control system. The equipment is capable of heating and cooling configuration, the function of temperature control satisfies various application according to different timestamp. 
“Characterization modeling”, “MP calibration” and “metrological verification”, three operation modes meet various application including R&D and mass production of DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40 ultrasonic water meters.


Support for R&D and mass production of DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40.
High precision grinding hydraulic cylinder, good linear segmented volume.
Three kinds of automatic continuously testing operation modes all including:
    Automatic switching flow and temperature point; 
    Automatic data acquisition of flow, temperature and ultrasonic time difference; 
    Automatic generation and release of calibration coefficients;
    Automatic generation of verification error data.
Temperature control, device of heating and cooling.
Closed-loop, recycling, better water feedback, energy and water saving. 
Support to access internet, for remote upgrade and information system assessment.
Support for pipe pressure loss test.
Maintenance free, regularly filling up water and filter cleaning only.
Equipment use mixed design of industrial aluminum and 304 stainless steel, long lifetime.

Number of test meters: 12 with DN15 caliber, 10 with DN20 caliber, 8 with DN25 caliber, 6 with DN32 caliber and 6 with DN40 caliber.

Flow range: 0.001 m3/h ~ 20 m3/h
Uncertainty: 0.2% (K=2)
Temperature range: 2°C ~ 55 °C
Characterization speed: 20 hours @ 10 temp and 20 flow points
MP calibration speed: 800 meters within 8 hours @ DN15
Metrological verification speed: 2 mins @ 3 flow potions
Meter reading interfaces: Infrared, RS485
Working water pressure: up to 1.6 MPa
Working power: 16 KW max @ characterization system,10 KW max @ MP system
Dimension: 5350*2050*2880 (mm)
Weight: 3.6T max (with water inside)