Automatic Ultrasonic Gas Meter Test Bench

Product introduction:

Automatic Ultrasonic Gas test bBench are fully-automatic、wide rage、 fast、 accurate and stable

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Product introduction

    Ultrasonic Gas Meter Test Bench is an equipment based on the medium of air or gas, can produce accurate instantaneous flow, with a wide flow range and better small-flow performance. It is equipped with heating and cooling equipment and have the temperature control function. Automatic control system that significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency during development period and mass production calibration.

Support for R&D and mass production of G1.6, G2.5, G4 (residential) and G6, G10, G16, G25 (commercial).
High precision grinding hydraulic cylinder, good linear segmented volume.

Three kinds of automatic continuously testing operation modes all including:
    Automatic switching flow and temperature point; 
    Automatic data acquisition of flow, temperature and ultrasonic time difference; 
    Automatic generation and release of calibration coefficients;
    Automatic generation of verification error data.
Temperature control, heating and cooling.
Closed-loop, recycling, better gas feedback energy and gas saving.
Support to access internet, for remote upgrade and information system assessment.
Support for pipe pressure loss test.
Maintenance free.


Number of test meters: 8 with G1.6, G2.5 and G4, 8 with G6, G10, G16 and G25
Flow range: 0.008 m3/h ~ 48 m3/h
Uncertainty: 0.2% (K=2)
Temperature range: -20 °C ~ +65 °C
Characterization speed: 24 hours @ 10 temp and 20 flow points
MP calibration speed: 700 meters within 8 hours @ G25
Metrological verification speed: 10 mins @ 4 flow points
Meter reading interfaces: Infrared, RS485 and M-Bus
Working pressure: up to30kPa
Working power:  10 KW max @ characterization mode
                            5 KW max @ MP mode
Dimension: 3,000*2,000*2,900 (mm)
                    - 4,000*3,000*3,000 (mm)
Weight: 1.5 T max