iESLab Ultrasonic Water Meter

Product introduction:

No movable parts, long life-time,battery life more than 10 years Support for multiple interfaces (M-Bus, RS-485, Infrared, Short range wireless and NB-IoT)

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Product introduction

1. Main Features

 1、Dynamic Range: R250, R400;
 2、Starting Flow rate: 0.0015 m3/h;
 3、Communication Interface: M-BUS, RF or NB-IoT;
 4、Protection Class: IP68;
 5、Maximum Sampling rate: 32Hz(GP30)/4Hz(GP22);
 6、Self-checking: Overflow, Pipe Empty, The aging of Transducer and so on.

2. Performance Characteristics

Items Parameters
Diameter 15 20 25 32 40
 Starting Flow (m3/h) 0.0015 0.002 0.003 0.004 0.005
Minimum Flow Rate Q1 (m3/h) 0.010 0.016 0.025 0.040 0.064
Transitional Flow Rate Q2 (m3/h) 0.016 0.025 0.040 0.064 0.100
Permanent Flow Rate Q3 (m3/h) 2.5 4.0 6.3 10.0 16.0
Overload Flow Rate Q4 (m3/h) 3.125 5.0 7.875 12.5 20.0
 Flow Range Ratio (Q3/Q1) 400, 250 (default)

 Accuracy Class Class 2
 Temperature Class T30,T50
Sample Rate 0.5Hz~4Hz(GP22) Self-adaption default
8Hz default
 Maximum Admissible Pressure

 Pressure Loss Range <63kPa, <40kPa
Input Voltage 3.15V~4.2V  typ. 3.6V
Current Static GP22 <40uA@ Self-adaption mode
GP30 <40uA@8Hz
Receive(NB-IoT) <58mA
Transmission(NB-IoT) <250mA
Battery Life 10 years
Display Indication LCD
Display Items Accumulated Flow Rate(m3), Instantaneous Flow Rate(m3/h), Accumulated Running Time(h)and other items.
Range of Display 0~99999.999 m3
Operation Magnetic Switch
Data Storage Recent 90 Daily Accumulative Data
Recent 24 Monthly Accumulative Data.
Frequency of Data Reporting Once a Day
Frequency Range B1(2100MHz) ,B3(1800MHz)
B5(850MHz), B8(900MHz)
Maximum Transmitting Power 23±2dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -128dBm
Protection Class IP68
EMC Class E1
Operating Temperature -25℃ ~ 55℃


3. Mechanical Assembly

Small diameter meter(DN15 Brass Pipe)
Small diameter meter(DN20 Composite Material )


4. Ordering information

Water Meter Type Part number Markup information
Micro-Power Wireless iES-UW100-xxxx iES-UW100-xxxx-YYMMDD-SSSS
Meter-Bus iES-UW200-xxxx iES-UW200-xxxx-YYMMDD-SSSS
NB-IoT iES-UW300-xxxx iES-UW300-xxxx-YYMMDD-SSSS

xxxx = type number, YY = year, MM = month, DD = day, SSSS = product serial number that day
For example:iES-UW300-0001- 180915-1234
0001 = DN15,CHINA TELECOM,Without Valve,brass,T30,Class B,△P63
① Please contact iESLab if you select other flow range ratio.
② Please contact iESLab if you select T50 temperature class.
③ Samples as below.
④ Ultrasonic water meter calibration table as below.