Ultrasonic Gas Metering Module

Product introduction:

With Ultrasonic Gas Metering Module you will produce your Gas meter much faster and easily,which is manufactured by iESLab and ams cooperation

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Product introduction

1.      Block diagram


2.      Measurement features

Flow range:             for residential meter, G1.6 to G4.0
                                   for industry and commercial meter, G6 to G25
Accuracy class:       1.5
T range:                    -15℃ to 45℃
P range:                    60kPa to 150kPa
Output data:           Temperature
                                   Operating flow
                                   (optional) (T compensation)Standard flow
                                   (optional) (T and P compensation)Standard flow
Measurement  R:   250 @ residential; 350 @ industrial & commercial
Built-in measurement model, different types of gas meter can be modelled or calibrated or verified by iESLab Ultrasonic Gas-Meter Test Bench.
Built-in Gas adaptive mechanism.

3.      Installation

Installation points:      Make sure that all the gas flows through the measuring tube of the module, and correct the gas flows go through the inlet and outlet appropriately.

Interface leads:            Four-core shielded cable, Core 4*0.15mm2, Outer diameter 4.5mm, length 200mm
                                      Power positive line (red)
                                      Power Ground line (black)
                                      UART TX line (yellow)
                                      UART RX line (green)

4.      Electrical and communication interface

Power supply:     Regulated power supply, 3.4 ~ 5.5 V / 20mA peak current.Higher voltage is recommended.
Communication Interface:   3.3 V UART
                                               Baud rate 2400bps, even parity, data bit 8, stop bit 1.
Communication instruction:   Set sampling rate (4Hz, 2Hz, 1Hz or 0.5Hz) 
                                                    Select the output data item
                                                    (Optional) Define standard temperature
 (Optional) Define standard pressure① 
Other information read, settings and so on
Power consumption:                 < 50 uA @ 4 Hz sampling rate

5.      Ordering information

Model Order number Marking Information
Residential module IA-UGM-1 IA-UGM-1-YYYYMMDD-SSSSSS
Industry and Commercial module IA-UGM-2 IA-UGM-2-YYYYMMDD-SSSSSS

YYYY = Year, MM = Month, DD = Day, SSSSSS = product Serial number that day
Example, IA-UGM-1-20171205-123456

①    If you choose to output "pressure-related data item", please contact iESLab for details.
If you choose to output "Temperature and Pressure Compensated Standard Flow", you need to define the "Standard Temperature" and "Standard Pressure".
②    If "(only) T Compensated Standard Flow" is selected, "standard temperature" needs to be defined.
③    About "Gas adaptive mechanism", please contact iESLab for details.
④    For an exhaustive set of communication instructions, please contact iESLab.
⑤    Sample Applications as below.

⑥    Ultrasonic Gas-Meter Test Bench as below.