Ultrasonic transducer

Ultrasonic transducer from iESlab is stable and extremely low power consumption.
●Improved acoustic matching for higher efficiency
●Energy-saving w/ lower voltage for fire
●Higher temp range


Time-of-flight sensing

Low-power time-of-flight sensing technology from our cooperator “ams" enables host systems to measure distances accurately and at very high speed. Accurate distance measurements are used in various applications including presence detection, user face recognition and advanced cameras.


Ultrasonic Metering Module

Ultrasonic Metering Module from iESlab offers various advantages, including:
● Easy-to-use
a) fully calibrated module
b) intelligent self-adaption
● Time-to-market
a) highly automated test bench
b) wide range
●No mechanical components, no wear, long life-time.
●Extremely low power consumption.
●Support for multiple interfaces(Micro-Power Wireless、M-bus、NB-loT).
●Help you to establish ultrasonic flow metering capability very quickly.