Smart Water

iESLab is the technical leading enterprise in the field of automation and informatization in Chinese water supply industry, is engaged in the water supply intelligent managementresearch, has the products comprising residence remote meter reading system, urban pipe networkmeasurement real-time monitoring system, business charging system, production operation SCADA system,water plant automation system, pipe network geological information GIS system, hydraulic model,comprehensive information platform and other fields. iESLab provides the overall measurement solution in the water suppyindustry, including water meter and meter reading solutions for resident users, commercial users and industrial users, tofully meet the measurement requirements of water supply enterprises.


Smart Gas

iESLab Smart Gas is anadvanced gas system which can fulfill the highly integration of gas flow,information flow and business flow. It is based on the city’s gas transmissionnetwork to coordinate the development of every end-user, supported by the informationand communication platform to cover all urban gas links, and has the featuresof informatization, automatization and interaction. It includes: Smart pipe network Smart coordination and dispatching Smart station control Smart demand side system Smart meter reading system Smart leakage alarm & monitoring system


Smart Heat

iESLab Smart Heat solution integrates heat supply system control, metering and room temperature control in to a whole, by applying comprehensive organization on system control, metering and individuals temperature control platform to achieve intelligent heat metering, automatic system control, autonomy of heating utilization and systematic government regulation. System consists of heat meters, smart temperature valve, smart thermostats, data acquisition terminals, data management software and hardware.


Smart Water Conservancy

The solution is combined closely with the operation requirements and characteristics of water conservancy departments and based on a variety of advanced technology nowadays to build a water conservancy informatization solution ad provide services for water resources planning, engineering, river-way, water-related affairs, agriculture-purposed water as well as various other kinds of comprehensive business transaction management and auxiliary decision-making analysis. In the first nationwide water resources survey, the Company undertook the research and development of the software for the collection and processing of the spatial data from over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc.


Energy Conservation & Moniotoring

Through the user end of the energy-saving management integrated information system, it is possible to achieve quick acquisition, standardized processing and wide application of information on energy-using units in all aspects of energy-saving management, such as energy’s purchase and consumption, processing and conversion, recycling and utilization, energy-consumption index, energy metering, energy statistics, energy-using equipment, energy-saving personnel, energy-saving technological transformation projects, etc., and thus be able to greatly improve the level of energy-saving management of energy-using units.