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    Qingdao iESLab Electronic Co., Ltd (Qingdao iESLab), established in 2001, a subsidiary of Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. (stock code 002339) who is a leading total solution supplier of smart municipal works. Focusing on smart water service, smart gas, development, production, integration and technical service of metering products, Qingdao iESLab is a national high-tech enterprise, a key software supplier and one of the industrial standard drafters of direct-reading AMR system.

iESLab & ams

    Qingdao iESLab have a long-term strategy partnership with ams which is an "Ultrasonic Flow Converters" provider , Qingdao iESLab have set up an ultrasonic laboratory with ams in Germany, and developed the full set of self-developed Ultrasonic Meter technology ,Ultrasonic Metering Module and Production Line.

Innovation team

    The technical team of Qingdao iESLab is innovative in R&D, supportive of application. We have participated in setting and revising of the smart metering standards in China, based on 18 years experience with development and management of smart gas and smart water service system.